Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Week That Was #10 - Be Vulnerable

Friday Favourites has become 'The Week That Was'. It's more of a reflection of the week rather than on product favourites (especially since I don't always have actual tangible favourites to discuss!). This is a notebook after all and I would love it to expand sideways into more things.

I'm planning to embark on her new album next week but I just Alicia Key's 'Brand New Me' this week and it's exactly how I feel.  I am a bonafide late bloomer and I have changed so so much in the past 4 years because I never let go when I was growing up.  It took a long, long road to get here / It took a brave, brave girl to try. 
I'm still trying :)

I got a haircut! Yup I shed my dead, fraying ends and even got a sideways fringe cut. I needed a change and cutting your hair can be so therapeutic.  I went to my local Hair Warehouse and was really pleasantly surprised by the service the girls offered and the tips I got, including how to train my fringe to stay at this acute angle to the side. The secret? A long, skinny hair claw - genius.  I've been wearing it to bed every night! I am still working out how I want to style my hair as right now I feel a bit like a Japanese doll, and while it's a nice look, it's not really me.  I'm enviously looking at girls with tousled, beachy locks.. how do they do that..? My hair is just so thick..

Emma Watson did a really good job with her speech at the MTV Movie Awards when she accepted the Trailblazer award. The line I loved was when she spoke about how much can come from when we are vulnerable. Vulnerable - that word is a word I feel like my brain forgot. We, particularly women, nowadays talk so much about being strong, I do - all the time. But there is something about being vulnerable, being open to chance and trying something outside our comfort zone. We don't have to always muscle our way through life and we also don't always need our security blanket with us. I'm going to let myself be vulnerable again, and take a chance, again.

How was your week? I always get so philosophical at week's end..

x mai-anne


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