Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Makeup Cleansing Routine

Yep, I have a full makeup cleansing routine. My life is rather exciting, yes?

I'm a bit of a skincare nut but I'm even more ruthless with my cleansing routine. I have never gone to bed with makeup on, even before I was bitten with the beauty bug. I think I was always afraid makeup would ruin my skin and I'd wake up to Shar Pei skin (yes I just googled "wrinkly dog").  This routine is the whole hog, when I've worn foundation and eye makeup that day so don't worry, it's not an every day occurrance!

I start first the Earth Science Eye Makeup Remover on a cotton pad, gently patting it on for a few seconds before carefully swiping all the colours away. I try to use just the one cotton pad, not because I'm cheap (well.. not just because I'm cheap) but to create as little waste as possible. This eye makeup remover is a beaut and does really well at cleaning up most of the mess without leaving my lids parched.
    I then follow up with an oil to start taking off my face makeup.  I'm loving jojoba oil at the moment and currently using the one by Desert Essence (I'm not sure if there is a huge difference between brands yet). It's a light-medium oil so it is easy to rub and into the skin. I like to take my time here and massage it into my face and close to the hairline, which can be an easily forgotten place. I also swipe a little onto and around my eyes to break down any remaining eye makeup. I really advise to do this second because I find that jojoba oil is thin enough to slightly touch the eyes and added with makeup - weeell it doesn't feel good! Those with more sensitive peepers may feel the sting, even mine can feel a tinge.
    I then take to water to take off the oil. The jojoba oil doesn't stick to my skin as much as others like coconut oil so it's really easy to rinse off and it leaves it feeling so soft and hydrated. I always double cleanse and my dry skin loves a cream cleanser.  Double cleansing is really important because it cleans deeper and removes any excess oil. I'm currently using the U Little Beauty Cream Cleanser one and while it's doesn't match my all time favourite Sukin Cream Cleanser it is nice and you need very little product to cover your face and neck (oh yeah, did I mention the neck yet? Clean your neck! Especially if you take your foundation down there like me)
    Okay, last step now, I promise! After I've patted my face dry I use a micellar water and a cotton tip to clean any last bits of my eye makeup. Yes, those little crevices hide even more makeup that a general cleanse won't get to. Right now I'm going through the Caudalie Cleansing Water which is okay, but not a favourite. Using the cotton tip I can swipe at my water line and around my lashes to take off the final dregs of makeup - you'd be surprised at how much is still left. I clean until the bud isn't turning black anymore, which isn't too long considering there were three steps before it!

Phew! So there we have it, a 4-step routine to clean off makeup, simples. I know it's a bit hectic but it's worth it and I really enjoy my skincare and I hope you do too. It's funny, I use to hate skincare but now I see it as a moment to take care of yourself and relax..

How do you go about your makeup removal ways? Don't tell me you fall asleep with it on!

x mai-anne


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