Friday, 28 June 2013

The Overnight Beauty Bag!

I have a hens night tomorrow (really? it's that time already!?) and one of the things that is exciting me the most is the packing side, sad. Edits and makeup bag picks are amongst my favourite posts to read and so here are my picks for the girls' night out shenanigans..

First up is the makeup and many of the choices are geared towards plans for a smokey eye, a solid night out choice. I'm undecided as to whether I'm going towards neutral dark browns or cool tones so I'm bringing both the MUA Undressed palette and a MAC quad with satin taupe, smut, carbon and omega for blending out the edges. I'm loving the Undressed palette more than I thought I would and am so tempted to get the real deal, which is of course, the UD Naked Palette. To accompany the shadows I've really grown to love the UD Glide on Pencil in Perversion which clings onto the waterline rather well, and of course a mascara is essential and I'm taking a new bird, the Modelco Fibre LashXtend (a GWP with this month's Instyle magazine, run!). While it is not dramatic, it does not smudge (win) and gives soft, defined lashes though more testing required to give a proper verdict. Keeping everything else neutral I'm taking MAC Gingerly Blush which just goes with everything, and my trusty staples the JK Dewy Glow, Everyday Minerals shadow in My Place for the brows and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, a fool-proof foundation choice.

Taking a downsized version of my usual skincare routine, I'm just going to take some essentials as I'm trying to be realistic (and to not scare my friends with my real skincare routine, ha!). To take the makeup off I'm still going to take my jojoba oil as I just trust it more than a wipe, and some cotton bud tips to help remove the eye makeup residue. Taking off the makeup is the most important thing so I'm also going to take the Alba Coconut Milk wash for a second clean for the morning wash. For moisture I'm entrusting the Cupcake Organics Day Cream which is thick enough to do double duty for night and day. Samples are a godsend and so coming along are Balance Me's Eye Wonder Cream and the Radiance Oil. Not sure if I'll use the latter but you know, just in case. Of course there is the next day to think of and an SPF is needed, and so the Green People SPF 25 Face Lotion is hopping along for the ride.

And that's it! Ha!

What do you usually take with you overnight? :)

x, mai-anne


  1. whoa your carbon eyeshadow is totally used uP! I've had mine for years and there is hardly a dent!

  2. Love your MAC quad x

  3. NARS is to die for!


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