Tuesday, 9 July 2013

june faves: winter lovin'

While this post is 9 days into the not-so-new month, in my defence the pictures were taken on the 1st ;) This month saw some fun new discoveries with some amazing skin saviours for my once neglected skin.

My winter skin has been absolutely loving the Sophyto Skin Concentrate, the densest oil in my stash. I've sung the praises for it before here, but it's such a gem it deserves a re-mention! It's heftier price tag means that I limit my usage to 1-2 times a week, but the difference is noticeable by the next morning. My skin is so much more hydrated and healthy. I'm planning a proper post on it soon, but I think my spider veins are really starting to fade due to the Horse Chestnut Cream by Planetary Herbals. Not the most delectable of names, but my skin is looking clearer than ever, though patience is strongly advised when it comes to these annoying veins, hmph.

Like every other beauty fiend on the planet, I've fallen mad for the Real Techniques Brushes and have added the core collection to my stash. Love. The buffing brush is to die for and the contour brush is a beaute for cream highlighters.  I'm also starting to get a better grip on matching foundations to my uneven skin, and when I say uneven, I mean my face, neck and body do not match! I think I will do a full blog post on it, but this past month the humongous MUA bronzer has been the perfect powder for contour with its slightly cooler undertones and as a way to darken my neck which is way paler than my face and body. Yes I think I will go into more detail another time..

The absolute stars last month were my new Nars products, but of course. After months of swooning after it I took the leap and purchased the And God Created the Woman palette, oops. These colours are just up my street (except for Galapagos which might be too warm, but we'll see) and while it was expensive I'm glad I made the jump, or else I would probably still be spending my reading time looking up swatches, sad. The blush I have in the picture is Mounia, a gorgeous deep rasberry blush. While its deeper colour and intense pigmentation is slightly harder to work with, it is worth that extra blending time creating a sweet winter glow - something I don't think we hear enough of. I think it's my absolute favourite winter makeup product, seriously it's beautiful...

x mai-anne


  1. Oh my goodness, i have EXACTLY the same problem with my face not
    matching my neck and body. My neck and body, I kid you not, have warm
    undertones, whereas my face has cool undertones, AND my face is usually
    darker than my neck. Freaking nightmare really! Haha :-P

  2. I am a huge fan of the real techniques as well, even though I only have the face brush. Everyone is super hyped up about the 'and got created woman palette' but I already have two of the individual eyeshadows so I feel like I can't justify the purchase. So sad because I really want a nars palette!

  3. i loves them! that contour brush has made me love cream highlighters more, i swear!
    ahh nuts, know the feeling! That was one of the reasons why I went for this palette as it has so many of the permanent colours in there. There are some good looking ones soon to be released though! =O

  4. i feel you, it's such a PAIN!! I'm so particular when I get foundation matched at the counters now! glad I'm not alone, most people have paler faces I think! :P

  5. Love your june favourites! I've also been loving the real technique brushes! new follower, hope you follow back :)

    xoxo, charlene


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