Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Week That Was #17: So it took me a.. YEAR?!

So this ain't the 17th week of the year, *grins*. After a few, confused months I didn't know if I wanted this segment on the blog, but I'm glad to say (without any awkward sob stories) that yes! It is here to stay, even if no one is reading (I don't blame you, haha).  

Movie: Almost Famous
I just watched this a few hours ago and I love it. The Gen Y in me did mean that I was doing other things while I had it on but it definitely got me and I'm definitely going to watch it again. Not sure why I waited 13 years after its initial release to finally watch it, but it's a gorgous movie, with beautiful characters and set in a 'period' which is always one of my favourite types of movies since I love history. It's not as serious a film that initially imagined it to be, but it is thoughtful and on the light-hearted side of things which made it all the more enjoyable. 

Blog Posts
These are from the last few weeks as I've bookmarked a few knowing that I was going to start my TWTW posts again. 
Miranda Kerr, Into the Gloss: This coincided with my Natural Standards Tag. Definitely feelin' where Miranda is at when it comes to health and indulgence, and finding a balance. I love that she's aware of ingredients but isn't about being strict, and admire her for being honest about not saying "always" or "never", because we are imperfect beings. 
FashionRocksMySocks Asos Preview: Gawd I love Asos. While A/W is almost over here, it's my favourite season to dress and so I always find the looks gorgeous.  I love how Rhiannon put the video and pictures together and just love her aesthetic and its expression in general.
BloominBeautyBlog and Essiebutton's peachy and coral posts have got me in the mood for the coming warm Oz months. I love, love, love warm blushes - can't wait!

My Bar Broadway gig on Thursday - fricken hilarious and the first time I felt like I performed to the wave of the audience. It had been a long time since I felt the buzz of performing and this gig has got me excited again.

My Blog
I've had my blog for awhile now, and while it's just a little fish in the huge ocean, I love having one. I can't even remember when I actually started it because I started, restarted, then started again. I couldn't decide if it was a beauty blog, a personal one, and this see-saw'ed pretty much for the past year (and each time I was convinced that I got it, ha!) so yes, it took me a year to figure out what I wanted to do with it!. Am I that fickle? I actually think it's just the process of figuring yourself out. For me, I feel like a chicken that just hatched and ran excitedly everywhere and this blog reflected that. This week, it clicked. Finally! In short, it's a smorgasboard of things I love, thoughts, an inspiration board and a place to express myself. This blog is one of the triggers that made me realise that at the core, I am a creative person. Yup, I'm a chicken that just hatched.. whoopee!

x mai-anne


  1. Hello Mai-Anne, I would like to nominate you for The Liebster Award as I have really been enjoying your blog!

    Here's the link:

    Rebecca x

    1. oh wow, you gem Rebecca, thank you so much! :) :)

  2. I really love your blog, and just saying we have the same name just different spelling. My name is May Ann. No lie, not making it up, but such a funny coincidence.

    1. thank you May, that means a lot :) love your blog too :)
      ermigerd, you're serious! that IS a funny coincidence!


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