Thursday, 1 August 2013

Just Say Yes (to.. carrots) | Essentials Kit Overview

For a little overnight treat, I purchased the Yes to Carrots Essential Kit when it went on sale on Asos. This is one of the first more natural brands I ever tried and so I have a little soft spot for it. The kit comes in a slim case with a mesh cover which makes it convenient to take for travel and practical as you can see the products easily. The Carrots range targets dry skin and hence why I was all over it..

My favourite of the bunch is by far the 
Nourishing Super Rich Body Butter, which is funny as I was afraid of this one the most. The idea of smelling like a carrot isn't something I long for but alas this doesn't make me smell like a vegetable - it has a nice neutral fragrant, not a salad-like one. The butter is quite thick but it is easy to spread and very moisturising, all the qualities I look for in a body cream *yippee*. Don't be deceived by the packaging though, there looks like there's more than there actually is in this kit!

The Hydrating Shower Gel is also another little hit, it lathers well and is quite hydrating for a gel texture. Again no salad smell here either (or for any of the products actually!). The C Me Smile Lip Butter is a little great extra, it has a nice texture and glides on easily but doesn't provide as much of a boost compared to other similar products.
The miss of the pack is the C a Softer You Hand and Elbow Moisturizing Cream. Yeah it feels and smells nice but 5 minutes later my hands feel just as dry as they did before application, so it doesn't quite live up to its name. It's in my daily carry bag for a bit of a hydration boost when needed but really just to finish it off.

This is a great little set if you're curious about the brand or like me wanted a pack-it-for-me option for travelling. The ingredients lists of Yes To are nice but aren't the most natural I've seen, but it's definitely an easy option as they're widely available and affordable (even in Oz, ha!). This set is available at feelunique

x mai-anne

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  1. What a nice little kit! Out of the Yes To I've only tried the Blueberries range so far x


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