Saturday, 8 December 2012

I have an iherb confession to make.. | Blogmas Day 4 (Post #7)

So as the title says, I have a confession to make. I just had a count of how many orders I've made at iherb this year, and this is my 10th one! How did I manage to rack up so many?! I guess I buy everything under the sun from iherb, and it's become quite a go to for so many of my beauty and personal care needs (plus not every order is huge.. :D ).  I've bought so many skincare, bodycare, haircare and personal care items from here. Not to mention vitamins (which need constant restocking), makeup, makeup brushes, presents (my mum loves her skincare) and even tea. It's really become my little green supermarket, and since you can more easily count your orders than trips to the supermarket, it seems like a lot! Plus, American pricing... :D

I ordered all these items during the Black Friday weekend and got an extra 10% off each item so this all totaled to $62.48 USD so I think it's quite bargainous. Here is a quick rundown of what I chose:

1. Acure Cleansing Cream, $12.94
I've been using my Sukin cream cleanser for months and have gone through so many it's nice to have a change! I love that Acure is not only certified organic, but fair trade so I'm definitely going to try more items and support such a great little company. Cute packaging too.

2. Unpetroleum Jelly, $4.79
I saw that BeautywithKendra on youtube used this to take her makeup off in the shower and I thought that idea was brilliant! There have been so many times I've had a shower, cleaned my face to still find that my eye makeup is just a droopier version of what it was before. Can't wait to try this!

3. Earth Science Glycolactic Skin Peel, $10.47
I've been trying out a sample of Ren's Glycolactic Skin Peel Mask for a few weeks and have loved it. It's certainly been doing the rounds in the beauty community. It is 30 pounds a pop so I thought I'd try a more affordable, just as green version from Earth Science . I'm thinking of doing a bit of a comparison..

4. Planetary Herbals, Horse Chestnut Cream, $12.60
Not the most glamourous of names, but I wanted to try this on my spider veins. My Mad Hippie Eye Cream has run out and since it costs $20 for a tiny 15mL bottle, I thought I would try this one and see if it works on my skin. I'm hopeful but I know not everyone finds success with this.

5. Earth Science, Deep Conditioning Masque for Hair, Olive & Avocado $2.77
I just realised this contains avocado, which I know doesn't generally work with me, oops. But we'll see how this goes. I'm trying to clean up my haircare routine especially with whatever I use in the shower and can get washed back out into the environment. This masque looked easy to use and is uber-cheap so I thought I'd give it a go.

6. Now Foods Grape Seed Extract, 180vcaps, $16.56

A friend's boyfriend's family owns a vitamin/beauty-type business (not sure what it is exactly..) and he raved about Grape Seed Extract, and said that his aunt that uses it has amazing skin. Boys don't usually say stuff like that, so needless to say, I was sold. This is really expensive in Australia so I buy it from iherb. Grapeseed extract is very high on antioxidants and also helps stimulate collagen. I haven't noticed a bit difference in my skin but I'm gonna use it for life so when the time comes, I'm ready! 

7. Aubrey Organics, Ultra-Smoothing Conditioner, White Camellia, Dry, Coarse, Unruly, $9.29

This conditioner seems to have awesome reviews on iherb so I'm taking a shot with this one. My hair is definitely dry, coarse and while it's not unruly it's a pain. I'm really hoping this works!

There you have it, another iherb haul! Have you ordered from iherb before?

mai-anne :)


  1. Great haul! And I know what you mean...I love iherb a little too much too :)

  2. Nice blog, really like your writing style. Plus your witty titles. Keep posting :D
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    1. Thank you Terri :) That means a lot since I'm quite fond of writing :)


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