Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Wish List! | Blogmas Day 2 (Post #3)

What's a blogmas without a Christmas list eh? :D

My family isn't big on Christmas unfortunately (I don't know of many Vietnamese families that are!) but I still love Christmas and give presents anyway. I'm not expecting any of these as gifts but I'm drooling anyway *grins*.

1. Stila Christmas Brush Set 2012
Now I probably have more brushes than makeup (!), well hopefully not but I love brushes! I don't know why, I'm just searching for the perfect brush set and staying cruelty-free. Stila is a cruelty-free brand and whilst these brushes are not synthetic Stila have confirmed that they are cruelty free. I don't own any non-synthetic brushes so this set would be nice. And look how purrty are they!

2. Sportsgirl Frappacino Cup, $14.95
I've been searching for a sippy cup like this! BHA free and with a straw that you can clasp down so that you can travel with these, mess free! I just saw that these are now sold out online so it might be 'merry christmas to me' pretty soon...

3. Sportsgirl Sewing Machine, $29.95
Now I can't sew to save my life but it would be awesome to have a little one to start. I could learn to do basic things and diy my clothes :D

4. Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow, $19 (
I tested a few colours on my hand the other day, and seriously these just didn't budge after several hand washes! I was so surprised! These colours as gorgeous and I'm lemming after Topaz or Quartz, not sure which one yet. These are also missing many of the nasties I avoid so woop woop.

5. Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, 22 pounds (what is the apple shortcut for pounds!?)
Another rave by essiebutton, a fellow dry skinner so I really would like to try this! I haven't tried any honey based products before so I am very curious to try this out.

6. Illamasqua Powder Blush Duo in Lover and Hussy, $39
Whilst I don't love Illamasqua's ingredients (hello petroleum and parabens) I love that they put up the good fight and lowered their Australian prices to match their international ones. Whilst they copped some criticism for the way they did it (for creating a "marketing ploy" instead of just lowering them) I congratulate them on doing so and coming clean with why their previous prices and other international brands' prices were and are so inflated in Australia.
On a swatch happy trip to Myer the other day, the colour that drew me in the most was Lover, and 2nd was Hussy. Had I known they would come in a duo I would have snapped it up that day! These colours are beautiful and I may allow myself one junkfood purchase from them.. :D

7. butter LONDON The Glitter Lacquer Trio 1
I love Butter London, though I confess, I only have one polish of theirs (and it was a freebie). I've been lemming for 'The Black Knight' for ages and seeing that it's in a set just makes good sense.

What are you lemming after this Christmas?

x mai-anne


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