Monday, 24 December 2012

a little christmas pamper | Blogmas Post #23 (The Last One!)

It feels a little weird to not post about something Christmassy but I haven't many ideas! Luckily viviannadoesmakeup (one of my favourite blogs) posted a video about her Christmas pamper routine and while mine is nowhere near that extensive, it inspired this post!

I just tried this little trio and I can't believe I haven't before! My skin feels so soft and bouncy I'm definitely going to do it more often :D

Avene Thermal Water
I have sung the praises of this little beaut many times now so I won't go on too much, but I always use it with the Pangea Organics Mask now. You should use the mask with a moist face and since I don't tend to do masks in the shower I use the spring water. I spray it on before and after applying the mask.  Say what you will, but this is more than just water in a can!

Pangea Organics, Japanese Match Tea with Acai & Goji Berry
I don't use too many scrubs and what not since it doesn't suit my dry skin type so this is a lovely, gentle exfoliating mask that leaves my skin so smooth. I never understood what smooth skin meant until I used this mask (in this combo).  It's got a leafy smell and look to it, so you look like a baby hobbit in the garden with it on, but I wish I was from the The Shire so I don't mind!

Melvita Youthful Skin Mask
This is my first Melvita product and after today, I am so impressed I can't wait to try out more. I had tried this mask a few times after using an AHA mask but it wasn't until today after the Pangea one that I really felt a difference. My skin really does feel so soft and healthy. I love the idea of layering masks, especially following exfoliators with a nutrient one, it just feels like the ingredients can go deeper into your pores. I don't know if I'm right by saying it, but it seems logical! I think this mask would be perfect for those of you going through the colder months or with dry skin in general, it is so moisturising but doesn't feel heavy.

Now that I'm all clean and pampered, I feel pretty good going into Christmas celebrations!
I don't think I will write another blogmas post as I don't have any great ideas and don't want to post for the sake of it. I've really enjoyed Blogmas, most particularly because it's helped me figure out what this blog is about since my posts were few and far between before. Thank you if you are reading this and have joined this site. It's quite exciting to have any followers at all, but most of all it's fun to talk to other beauty and blog lovers :)

Merry Christmas everyone! What a wonderful time of the year... :)

It's a summer Christmas in Oz so I thought I'd leave you with summery thoughts. 
It's blimming over 40 degrees celsius outside today! O_O

lots of love,


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