Friday, 31 May 2013

Oils on Rotation

Wowser, that's a lot of oils. But as dry skinned girl, oils are a must (I also recommend it for the oiler skinned too!).  They will save you from flakes and balance your skin if you naturally produce oils already. They are multi-functional products that can be used with other products or on their own, but this post is just about facial skincare.  My biggest tip if you layer you skincare like me, apply oils last to trap in the moisture from the previous layers, especially since most products are water-based. 
Now, going from lightest to heaviest, here is a tour of my favourite oil discoveries so far..

Rosehip Oil
A fad oil indeed but deservedly so. This number has helped brighten up my skin as dry skin can look a little dull. It is also the one I recommend to try first if you're hesitant about oils as it's the lightest of the bunch and will suit many skin types. I've got some of my mates on this one with good reports back, so lots of points there. Where it loses points is hydration for those with dry skin, but will definitely be enough for the normal and above.

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil
This was the first fancy oil I've ever tried, it's a concoction of many oils including almond, kukui and good ol' rosehip thrown in there too. The texture is similar to the Acure Argan Oil and so the hydration levels have been revved up. This isn't a favourite but I thought I would mention it in here in case you're wondering how it stands up to the others. Why it doesn't stack up might have to do with its price - at £30 a pop it is a bit too pricey and doesn't outperform it's more inexpensive sisters. I do recommend you get a trial like I did, you might still like it.

Acure Argan Oil
Oh, my first love. This will always be in my stash because it's the first skincare product that really changed my skin and I've repurchased it numerous times. I've raved about it before but in short, it's a hydration hero that will deliver pre-pubescent skin (weeell, one can hope!). It's got a thick texture which I love, and I'm a stickler to the one by Acure because they are a fair trade, organic brand and this bebe is around the $12 mark (!). Lots of skin types have reported good news on this so go on, give it a go!

Essential Care Superfruit Concentrate
Now this little oil concoction is well, gorgeous. I was about to buy this at full price at £33 but on a super lucky day, I found it for half price and it was the last one! But lemme tell you, I would be prepared to spend the full price amount on this, because it's good (I actually forgot that I didn't until I just looked it up then). It's not quite as thick as argan oil, but it is dense. It just feels like it's packed with lots of skin goodies. It's so good that sometimes it's the lone product I slap on my face and I still wake up with soft skin. I initially thought this was a serum but it's really an oil so I definitely recommend to use this as a last step. A bonus is that it smells nice too, which adds to the luxe feel of this product. My one gripe is the packaging, this really should be in a dropper bottle, no matter what I do the product leaks and hence why it ain't looking pretty in the picture.

Sophyto Super Skin Concentrate
Now this, is the big daddy of the bunch (even though I got the little guy version). No more mucking around guys, this is the most moisturising blend of oils I've ever tried and it's worth it. I can't even..
Its the densest of all the oils mention with the same thickness as the argan oil and I highly, highly recommend this for the dry-very dry skintypes. I only have a small vial of this so I only use it once a week after I exfoliate to get the maximum benefits out of it. If you're afraid of the price tag, mybeautyemporium sells the mini for £13 which is a good chance to test it out (they also often have discounts too). A definite repurchase is on the cards next winter.

Writing this post is getting me excited to take of my makeup and splash on some oils. Love..

Have you tried any of these or have any other recommendations? 
x mai-anne


  1. I need to try the Acure argan oil you are using because it is way better value than the Josie Maran. I also love using coconut and evening primrose oil

  2. you have nooooo idea how much this post has helped me out, I've been looking for an oil for my skin, (so extremely combination, I must be a mutant) but I didnt know what to try but your post is so informative, I think I will actually try the argan oil :) thanks!


  3. yes you do! let me know if you find a difference! curious..
    i love coconut oil but i find it so sticky! gotta try ep oil one day..

  4. oh im so glad hun, good luck! if it doesn't go well, I've heard good things about pangea organics for combo skin, and a kiehls oil :)

  5. I've never tried a facial oil before but keep hearing amazing things about them, think it's definitely time I tried one! The argan oil sounds amazing, I've also got my eye on a rose hip one from Trilogy! x


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