Wednesday, 12 June 2013

inspiration walls

I'm slightly obsessed with inspiration lately, can you tell? I think it's the "late bloomer" in me, I want to explore so many things and all at once!

The first is a board of clippings, photos and other bits and bobs that are a bit more personal. I layered a pretty fabric over a corkboard so that it would have a nice start as it still has plenty of room for more pins. The second is a picture I bought off urban outfitters - I love that saying and reminds me that life is just that, an adventure, not just a goal. The third is just my calendar/plans/goals to keep me on track as most of my work is done solo/at home. And the last is a collection of my favourite pictures from the internet to inspire the creative girl inside me (and to aim to take good photos!). I'm not sure about the legalities on this one to be honest but I'm not selling them or claiming them as mine so hopefully it's okay. Most were found from pinterest and tumblr etc :) One of my favourite things about doing things like these is that it helps to start to hone your aesthetic but also free it at the same time, somehow.

I'm starting to love the space I live and work in, ahhh...

x, mai-anne


  1. You're inspiring me to get creative! I love the starry fabric you've put around the first board :) x

  2. ooh yay! it's so fun, would love to see what you come up with! x


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