Sunday, 23 June 2013

TWTW #16 - New Discoveries

There's nothing to photograph this week but this is one of my new favourites on tumblr that I'd thought I'd share. Now, onto some new favourites I've discovered in the past week. Branching out methinks...

This is quite an established blog but earlier in the week I really dug into Love of Cloth (cute blog name too). I love Kim's simple, slightly quirky style and that she seems to really love each piece she wears. I'm usually not as much about the individual pieces as the piecing of pieces but Kim's blog has somehow made me appreciate the individual garments side of things more and in a non- consumeristic sort of way.

Later in the week I was very inspired by We We Raised By Wolves and had quite a dig there too. What inspired me was how varied her beauty blog was with products ranging from mainstream to green products, high and low end, but done in a friendly, fun and informative manner. I've felt a weird need to over-justify myself in my head (and possibly in this blog) as my feet are both in the green and mainstream beauty world, but Evelyn's blog showed me that there is no need for that and you can enjoy both without feeling guilty or restricted and I am grateful. I feel like I've found my track now and am so excited to keep going on it!

I've followed her for years but I really enjoyed Marie Digby's newest cover of Zedd's Clarity. I'm not going to lie, I don't know the original song but I really liked the arrangement Marie (and possibly another contributor) put together.  I've also found a new favourite song which is Gabrielle Aplin's Salvation, I just love that chorus.. my my.

The Jane Austen obsession continues and I've fallen in love with the 2007 movie version of Persuasion. The story is a little darker and more sad than her other stories but there is a real thoughtfulness about it that I really appreciate. Definitely very keen to read this book now. 

Looking forward to a fresh new week tomorrow! :)

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  1. Love your blog! So insightful.

    No need to feel the need to justify your love of both green and non-green beauty products. I think everyone has the right to choose, and besides, at least you're aware that there are some green options out there!
    Btw, had to say: Zedd= hottest guy on the planet- I'm obsessed! :-D

  2. oh thanks hun, that made my day :)

    yes I think I'm finally coming to terms with that now, after a looong debate in my head hehe :) Oooh, I MUST check him out.. :P


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