Wednesday, 8 May 2013

the skincare drawer

a sneak peek into my skincare home..

Skincare is my first love, can you tell? I thought I would show you the contents of my beloved top drawer which is filled with all these goodies. I definitely have more than the average amount where I can rotate the products but still can be finished before expiration. I put a lot of research (*cough* online shopping *cough*) before buying products so I usually will like what I buy but I don't tend to break out and am not particularly sensitive which does make it easier.

I'm a stickler and champion of natural/organic skincare which makes me love this drawer more. Beauty doing a good thing for us, the earth and our farmers? Win.

There will definitely be more in-depth reviews on lots of these products and I'm open to requests. Are you a skincare fiend too? :P

x mai-anne


  1. I wish I could raid your skin care drawer! I love that you use all natural products. Have you tried Sibu, I'm thinking of trying their serum and eye cream.

  2. Hehe you'd be most welcome to! :P
    Yes, i love them! I haven't yet but it's on my list! Let me know when you get around to trying them, would like to hear yer thoughts :D


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