Saturday, 18 May 2013

TWTW #13: Be Yourself

Nawww how sweet. Hehe, in all seriousness, I've had a soul-searching past few weeks and this month has been about getting my sh*t together. At home, uni, life etc so I'm sorry for ally my "deep and meaningful" posts, it'll get more fun soon :P

Wayne Goss Eyelash Tutorial
Lord I've got stick straight mamas hanging off my lids. I've also got thick hair so my lashes are the same and they don't have too bad a length on them but this combination means that most mascaras drag them down almost instantly. I decided on a whim to find some answers on youtube and Wayne Goss (you beaut) answered me. This technique works. *fist pump* Now I just have to find a better mascara that doesn't flake on me. On the other hand, doing this without mascara does keep my lashes curled all day so it's good for those lazy days. 

Microsoft Zune, 30gb
Yup, I spent $55 on "old" 2006 technology. What?! I missed having my home travelling with me - I've gone from a walkman, to a discman, creative zen, an ipod classic to just an iphone and it wasn't cutting it.  So I decided to get a fat mp3 player to bring it back and I love it, makes me feel whole again. It was actually hard finding something like this. You would think old technology like would be easy to find and be cheap, but most devices are such multi-taskers that simple devices are hard to find (without a hefty price tag). It don't look pretty but I like that - makes me worry less about scratches and an extra device means that I can always have my headphones wrapped around them. Lazy bones..

Find / Book
Blog Inc by Joy Cho
I've been itching to get my hands on this book and I'm so glad I got the physical copy and one for my kindle. I've loved having a blog and even though it's a small fish I know I need to have it in my life. But I've really struggled with direction since I've been in such a strange place in my life. I'm only in the beginning chapters but it's really got me thinking in ways I didn't expect. I think everyone would benefit from this book, with or without a blog, as there are some really interesting points and stories that Joy shares. It's really helped me find my feet with myself and blogging.

Well the titles does say it all. We're always making steps and leaps at becoming ourselves and I was reminded again this week, thanks to Joy Cho's book. It is so important to do things that we believe in and fight for it, in whatever situation, big or small. I'm a very happy duckling at the moment, feeling settled and determined, a cool combo.

There isn't much in this week's post as I'm in the midst of a uni paper and assessments, which may explain the more introspective posts these TWTW can turn into.. how have you been fairing? :)

x, mai-anne


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