Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pamper Night #3: The New Stuff

Pamper nights are always that little bit more special because of new products, as long as they don't cause some formidable breakouts, of course. I've had some newbies enter the camp and I have been itching to test them out..

After exfoliating with the Ren Glycolactic Skin Renewal Mask (of course) I applied a healthy dollop of Antipodes' Manuka Honey Mask. This has been on my wishlist for ages and I miraculously scored it as a gift with purchase by surprise - don't worry I played it cool at the counter while I was holding my breath.  But my, am I impressed. It's still early days but I'm a very tactile person and I have a very good feeling about this.  The combination of these two masks was amazing, just bright and healthy. Glow from the former and the hydration from the latter - sigh. I do warn thee, I did feel a bit of a tingy sensation so whilst it didn't burst into redness on my skin, it may for the more sensitive skinned.

I then followed up with my night time routine and whilst it's not new, I cracked out my 2nd bottle of Antipodes Apostle Skin-brightening & Tone-correcting Serum. I couldn't imagine life without this beaute and so I had to restock. It was because of this mama that I scored the amazing aforementioned GWP  even though I wasn't supposed to - the freebie was supposed to be for those that bought two Antipodes products. Hence the holding of my breath! So 25% off and a highly raved mask = ultimate win. *Happy Dance*

Okay cheap man's dance over, I finished my routine with a new oil in the family, the Sophyto Super Skin Concentrate. And it's heavenly. It reminds me of the Essential Care Concentrate, in both the smell and the texture. I waited till the next day to write this post so I could see if there was anything noticable by the morning, and while it is early days it is very moisturising, so far so good

I love these posts, they're a quick taste of some new products in the stash and it is so nice to take time out to care about yourself.  Do you enjoy pamper moments?

x mai-anne

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