Saturday, 8 December 2012

Almost There / Mineral Fusion Concealer Duo Review | Blogmas Day 4 (Post #8)

I was super excited to try this concealer when theflaxenowl raved about it as I had been looking for a truly clean, green take on a concealer duo. I love the idea of a duo, palette, so that you can mix the colours to your skintone, problem areas and what not.  

One thing I was also looking for was an under-eye corrector.  I once loved Benefit's erase paste, which was amazing under the eyes but I dare not to look at the ingredients now, so I've been on the hunt for a salmon coloured concealer to replace it. When it comes to concealer under the eyes, I look for ones with good, moisturising ingredients with no chemicals.  Mineral Fusion comes close, good ingredients plus polyethylene. I let it slide since everything else looked good.

There is very little information on this product out there so I had a hard time picking the right shade. After lots of umming and ahhing, I chose "neutral" which was probably the best of the bunch for my nc-25 ish skintone.

As you can the see from the swatch, the darker shade is just a touch too dark, so I mix it with the lighter shade as an under eye corrector. The lighter one is pretty close to my shade (keep in mind, my arms are lighter than my face, around an nc20).

I really like the colours from this duo, though it does not quite match the effect of Erase Paste.  While it is very close to what I wanted, I find it a bit too drying for my skin type.  When I use it under the eyes, I have to make sure my skin is very well moisturised or else I mix a tiny bit of my eye cream in. On other parts of my face, sometimes I follow up with my rosewater spray which rehydrates the skin and give it a dewy finish.  While it comes very close to my wish list in a concealer, it falls short in a rather important area and I won't be repurchasing.

Now I have no idea what to try next! Maybe the RMS one (though it is 30 pounds!).

Do you have any suggestions that might fit the bill?

The Mineral Fusion concealer can be found on iherb here.

mai-anne :)


  1. Hey I love your blog pop over to mine sometime :) xxx

    1. thank you :) am popping over now..!

  2. I love the idea of using the rose water after the concealer! I've been looking for a good natural concealer for ages, do you think this one is worth a try? As for RMS, their uncoverup is amazing but I actually use it as a foundation not a concealer as I it doesn't provide enough coverage for me as a concealer xxx


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