Friday, 7 December 2012

It's Love - Antipodes Apostle Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum | Blogmas Day 2 (Post #4)

I have been interested in the Antipodes brand since I began learning about ingredients and went organic but after an unsuccessful spell with avocado oil, an ingredient many Antipodes products are based on, I refrained from trying.  Avocado oil just did nothing for my skin and hair when I tried it for months so I didn't think Antipodes products would work, but after a rave review by essiebutton, and seeing that this serum doesn't contain any avocado oil, I made it a mission to buy it.

After the first night of use, I work up the next morning pretty amazed. My skin looked so much more glowy and awake and as an extra bonus, plump. I was expecting the glowy part, given the name of the serum and rave reviews I've read, but I was not expecting a soft, hydrated plumpness to my naturally dry skin. The serum contains hyaluronic acid which can partly explain the hydration factor, but I use plenty of other skincare bits and bobs with said ingredient that don't quite have that effect as this serum.  I actually think this might even be good even through the winter, when I'm extra flakey, making it a good all year product. As it also sinks in very quickly, and is light in consistency, I think it would be suit all skin types.

For it's tone-correcting claim, it's right on the money with that one. This serum has definitely evened out my skintone a lot more and I feel more confident in my bare skin than before.  I've even been complimented on my skin since adding this to the routine so I'm rather pleased :) I don't have any major hyper-pigmentation to work on as I don't have acne-prone skin, but from what I've gathered, it seems to work well on those who do so I do think it's worth trying if that is your skintype.

This has become something I don't want to live without, even as a skincare junkie who likes to try new things and I am very tempted to repurchase when I run out though I'm not looking forward to the price. Antipodes pricing is rather weird in Australia, some are on par with overseas retailers, others are inflated.  This serum is the former, retailing for $59 in Myer, and 41 pounds on Naturisimo. I bought it for 25% off at Myer for $45 which is probably the best deal I can get. I didn't mind that price too much but I'm a bit nervous to pay full price when it becomes an empty.  This is the first high end skincare product I've really tried and it's made me realise that there can be a difference between budgety brands and higher end ones as this is the first serum that I've really loved (damn).

Since finding success with this product, I've ordered another Antipodes product with others on my wishlist! Have you tried any Antipodes products?

mai-anne :)


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