Friday, 14 December 2012

An Unexpected Goodie / Green People 24 Hour Vitamin Fix | Blogmas Day 10 (Post #14)

I got way too confused with where I was up to with my not-so-clever way of numbering my blogmas posts since I started rather late, so I've re-organised them. I am still blogging everyday but am numbering each post, so I will rack up 25 posts until Christmas!

Today's review is of a day cream I did not expect to deliver something extra but this proved me wrong! I first got a sample of this in my Naturisimo order and while I was slightly curious about I didn't believe it would give me the hydration my skin needed, so when I slapped it on I thought nothing of it. The next morning, my skin felt hydrated and light. I decided that this might be a good day cream (as I like thick night creams at night) and proceeded to try it during the day and well, loved it. It provides a moisture without being heavy and sits well under makeup.  

This cream has a creamy, lotion-like consistency that isn't super-thin but with a more medium density. Good for dry skin during the day, and oilier skins at night as it doesn't feel greasy at all and leaves no extra sheen to the face. There is also no weird scent with this cream though there is a neutral fragrance option.

I love Green People for its simplistic and innovative approach to skincare. Their packaging is not fancy pants but I still find it cute and clean.  Their price range is also just above more budgety brands but is still affordable and worth it. 

You can purchase from Naturisimo (where I got mine) but they are also on FeelUnique and Lookfantastic.

Have you tried Green People before?

mai-anne, x


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