Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Natural Make-Up Staples

When it comes to make-up, my feet are in both the green and the mainstream beauty world. But I've found that the more regular I use a product, the more likely I'd want to go "natural" with it. This may not be the greatest logic, but it's one I'm going with at this stage of my make-up life (work with me people!).

Under-eye concealer is one area I pretty much stick to natural only. Since this is the most delicate area of the face, it's the area I'd like to put more nourishing ingredients around. I'm currently finishing up the Mineral Fusion Duo Concealer in Neutral which I've reviewed here. It's nice but not quite what I'm looking for. I've been sticking to my Everyday Minerals shadow in 'In My Place' for my brows as I tend to stick to cooler tones for the ol' bushies. They're a little harder to use since they're a loose shadow and I don't take it when I travel, but otherwise it's a great colour and they have good staying power - one of my favourite things about mineral makeup. If my face is looking a little cakey (damn dry patches) a quick spritz of rosewater undoes the fluff and skin is looking dewy and healthy. I'm not sure if makeup lasts longer because of it, as my face makeup tends to last quite well, but it's definitely worth having around to dewify the skin. This one by Reviva is a beaute, and is my second bottle!

Slightly cheating here, but I don't tend to wear lip makeup so I included a lip balm! This is a clear lip balm by Kiss My Face in Peach and it includes SPF 15. Lip balm is one of the easiest things to go green and one of the first things I'd advise to do first if you're thinking of doing the switch-a-roo. They work just as well and all the ingredients are golden. This one is great if you want to layer your lip products as the finish is quite matte and you don't look like you're wearing anything (great for guys too then ay!).  I also decided to slip in a nail product as they are kind of on the makeup side (right?!). This nail strengthener by Ultra Nails is a quick and easy product to apply before you do your nails or as an overnight treatment, as recommended. The product dries clear and fast, as if you hadn't applied anything at all. My nails felt the effect immediately after first use and they don't easily tear as easily they once did when I started wearing polish more often. I'm hoping to convert my nailcare routine to all green at some stage..

I hope that was helpful, I'm definitely always more open to trying more green beauty products, let me know if you have any recommendations!

x, mai-anne

PS I had a bit of a 'doh!' moment when I included the Wild About Beauty duo concealer in the picture. I thought it was a halfie product (half green half not) but it doesn't look quite that pure at second inspection here *sweats*. I don't use this under my eyes anyway, just over red patches on my cheeks :P


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