Monday, 22 July 2013

Patience is a Virtue: Horse Chestnut for Spider Veins

Things are about to get wild, I'm going to talk about horse chestnut cream. In my defence, I tried to get those pictures as pretty as my amateur skills could muster - but now this muddy lookin' cream looks like a choc thickshake.. win?! Anyhow, steering back on topic, this tub has been a quiet little worker on my spider veins and I have good things to report!

Spider veins are one of the most annoying skin problems to remove. There are treatments from laser to 'miracle' creams and the worst thing about these bad boys is that they'll keep coming back one you've got them. Hmph. Mine are a result of complete lack of care until about a year ago, so definitely take these words with a grain of salt as I am still in my 20s and they are the result of said lack of care rather than any other skin conditions that can often cause them.

I did want to make this post as I really do think that my spider veins are ever so slowly fading. I started on this cream about 6 months ago, not hoping for much as most report that it doesn't work. However since I've consistently applied this cream twice a day, almost every day, in the past 6 months I actually feel like the pesky purple lines are fading. I realised it a few weeks ago when I started feeling less of a need to apply extra concealer in those areas.  I also started feeling more confident in my bare skin which is another tell tale sign that this cream is doing some pretty darn good wonders! My skin is looking much clearer than before and now that I've found good ol' HCC I'm not letting go. Good thing is that it's quite affordable at $13 from iherb and this tub is practically ginormous for my needs (and won't expire for another year!).

If you're curious about the cream, just give it a go. It won't work wonders overnight but it could potentially slowly lift those lines over a long, long time! 


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