Friday, 12 April 2013

Poppin' My Nars Cherry (Haul)

So somehow, I went a little cray cray and got 3 little Nars packages in the past week or so. I didn't mean to gather a mini haul, timed offers and finds meant that it happened all at once.. I swear..

Nars is one of those overly raved brands and the makeup noob in me has been wanting to try. It doesn't have the best ingredients so I put it off for awhile, but I appreciate that it is cruelty free (though owned by a larger company, but more thoughts on this topic later) and I'm slowly starting to move towards cruelty free brands and so it made me more keen to try Nars.

After much debate, I finally picked a shade of the Sheer Glow Foundation, deciding on Deauville as winter is coming. I love the finish of this foundation though I do think it largely depends on the skincare beforehand.  The colour is quite neutral one (with slight yellow leanings) and I'm starting to find neutral-yellow undertones suit me well.  A weekend 10% off Nars offer at paved the way for me to finally purchase the powder blush in Luster, which was the blush I have wanted the most from Nars (highly recommend Hqhair now by the way). Such a gorgeous shimmery, light apricot shade that reminds me of autumn leaves. Continuing on the autumn theme, I randomly saw the blush in Mounia on eBay and I thought it was too good an offer to pass up.  I ended up winning it for around $27 which wasn't too bad (and cheaper than US retail anyway :D). I first heard about this blush from MissGlamorazzi and was looking for a plummy blush for autumn. I have worn it once and well, it is beautiful.  It's my first deeper coloured blush and it doesn't dull the skin at all, it does quite the opposite - giving that just-out-from-the-snow flush even on my light-medium skintone. sigh.

Nars is quite funny with their ingredients. The liquid products seem to score well on whilst their powder products are filled with things that may make one a bit queasy - the opposite of most mainstream brands I find! 

What are your top recommendations from Nars? Whilst I'm hoping to not go too crazy I am rather curious.. *slaps hand*

:P mai-anne


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