Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Homey Urban Outfitters Haul!

Don't know why, I only ordered 5 items, but it came in this huuge box! A slight overkill.. though makes it rather exciting!

The goodies.. 
I love this picture and the colours. Definitely where my heart is at right now..

The napkin holder looked like a cloud on the website, I had to buy it! Currently storing some eyeshadow palettes, of course. The heart plate has my favourite colour combo, and while it is smaller than I expected, its unusual size has actually come quite handy. 

I love this album. I forgive Kanye's crazies because I think he's a rare bud.  Trying to work out how to use vinyls to dress up my room though it's not quite working as much as I had hoped. Will continue to try.. I love that UO ship to Aus for free for orders over $50, that's a better deal than other Aussie online shops. *sigh*
Have you been feelin' homey lately? :P


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