Monday, 8 April 2013

Double Friday Favourites! 7+8

Week 7 was quite a jam packed week and so week 8 became the recovery week, justifying a double FF :D. No hangovers, just a case of being overwhelmed! I'm going to aim to get these back on time, after watch Lily Pebbles' latest video here, it has inspired me and made me realised how dedicated one must be to get a blog going (probably a big duh to everyone else!). So here I am, tired but determined to get going.. !

Music/Gig: Candy Rat Guitar night with Maneli Jamal and Owen Van Larkins
Two world-class, virtuoso guitarists on our little stage, it was an inspiring night. It was the first time meeting Maneli, and for a guy still in his 20s, he's lived. The stories he told, the places he's lived in, and his music! The ease of his skill and the lyrical flow of his songs were incredible to watch and listen. And of course, Owen. I champion Owen as he is the newer, and lesser known of the two and our Aussie! His technique inspires me, not so much to be a better guitarist (hah!) but to be so dedicated in what I do. Plus his songs are catchy.. I let these guys off a fee we usually charge (long and well justified story) and asked for their cds as compensation. Win!

Beauty. New Makeup Storage Bits

Please forgive my flamin' s*#@ photos tonight, my eyes were just not working! I picked up the plate and napkin holder in a recent Urban Outfitters Haul here and they dress up my makeup area nicely. I like this area pretty and inspiring over functional, especially since I don't have that much make-up (for a beauty lover that is!) and that's the way I feel about makeup.

Outfit. An Engagement Party
So many people are getting married this year, it's ridiculous! I'm going to be at least 30 I think! Anyway... one of my good buddies just got engaged and I had no idea what to wear until the morning of. I love clothes, but I'm not very girly so dresses just aren't my thing. I ended up ditching my initial idea of a pink polka dot dress (!!) for this long sleeve, navy dress with a cute peter pan collar. My dear cousin in Vietnam made it for me and I proudly MacGyver'ed it that morning, cutting up the sleeve stitching so I could roll the sleeves up. Might be why I like this outfit. I paired it with a pair of wedge sneakers, a belt I found in my dad's closet, black stockings and I was one happy boyish girl that day!

I gigged again in the past fortnight, in fact I played 3 gigs in 3 days (1 was unexpected). I haven't gigged in ages since I pushed myself so hard trying to play so much last year that I ran out of steam and excitement for it. But the little flame inside me has been lit again and I'm dying to get my technique sorted and learn how to be a disciplined person (hence the current 12am clock.. :P).  I'm starting to slowly figure out about how I want to go about my life but that's another post.. 

Hope you had a fun past fortnight, what have you loved/learned in the past week?

x mai-anne


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