Wednesday, 10 April 2013

march beauty faves!

March Favourites, a third way into April! 

Green Loves (+Hygiene!?)
My eye makeup removal has been made a lot easier because of the Earth Science Eye Makeup Remover. It has a cool gel texture and doesn't leave my eyes overly dry, I'm planning a more in depth post featuring this product so more on this soon! On the same-ish topic, I've been loving using Jojoba Oil to remove makeup and it leaves my skin feeling so soft afterwards. The Plus White 5 Minute Gel has been doing wonders on my teeth and I'm going to soldier on with it until my teeth are good looking before I look for more natural alternatives. And Swiss Super Greens, my new love. I take it with my juice and it feels like a detox but without the nasty effects. Great brand too.

The Make-Up
I've been guiltily loving the MUA Undressed palette, the infamous Urban Decay Naked palette dupe.  I have loved the colours more than I thought I would for quite a warm palette, and the pigmentation isn't half bad. Guilt factor? It does contain parabens, not the absolute worst thing in the world but if it didn't have it, this would be considered near perfect! 
  Cue the crazy collecting lady, my Essence obsession has started. Now I'm not much of a make-up collector per se but with good pricing (big thumbs up for not jacking up their prices in Aus), cruelty free shoutouts and the cute-as-a-button packaging, it is winning big in my books.  I didn't think much of them before as their core collection has the usual petroleum and paraben-laden formulas like most drugstore products, but after examining their collection items I saw nothing of the sort. My inner voice squealed with excitement so home went the Circus Circus Highlighter with me and I adore it. The powder is quite finely milled that it is easy to apply without looking like freckles of glitter here and there and the gold colour is delish. I even like it more than MAC's Soft and Gentle (gasp!). Can't wait for their next collection!
  I've mentioned it so many times before but I wanted to mention Stila's Convertible Color in Gerbera again as I just hit pan on it.  It is a cream product so the bottom is not as easy to see, but I've been loving this colour on my cheeks as the Sydney weather couldn't decide if it was Summer or Autumn in March. The downside to this product is that it only has a 6 month lifespan but I don't know if I can let it go after that date passes..
  Sitting happily on my nails this month has been China Glaze's Mahogany Magic from the Hunger Games collection. While it is indeed a shade of brown (snore) I thought of it as chocolate, and during the sugary season of Easter, why not..

So there goes March and April is finally looking like Autumn, looking forward to it!

What have you been loving lately?

x mai-anne


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