Monday, 25 March 2013

Friday Favourites #6 - An Assortment of Finds

A very late Friday Favourites this is! I almost didn't post but I realised I found some cool things this week so it was worth a post!

Oh RT stippling brush, you little champ you. I love this brush for foundation and now I love it for cream blushes! So many people have used it for this purpose but I was stubborn and just stuck to the Real Techniques' 'Expert Face Brush' because it seemed to make sense to. Because the Stila convertible colours are rather tacky, that brush tugged on my skin a bit much when applying so whilst I loved the blush the whole thing didn't sit with me and I never knew why. I finally cracked and experimented with the stippling brush and *doi!* why didn't I do it earlier!? It works a treat! Now I finally feel like I can enjoy cream blushes more and perhaps I'll pick more up...

I really recommend everyone to pick Swisse 'Super Greens' up or at least something similar to add to their diet. I add a teaspoon to juice and it makes me feel so healthy and light, and helps with bloating  (tmi?!). I often have an upset stomach and digestion problems but this has really helped with all that without any side effects.. you know what I mean ;)  Swisse is also a great brand that make organic vitamins and skincare, I picked up 2 backups this week, they were 40% off! 

Hygiene. (lol)
I've been really liking this PlusWhite 5 Minute whitening gel, it works! This is the first time using any bleachy ingredients on my teeth and I'm really starting to see a difference. *whoop whoop* I hate the teeth guard it comes with as it doesn't fit all my crooked teeth in there so they don't all look like one colour, but at least it's telling me that it works! I also haven't experienced any sensitivity which is great. It's not natural but I might get my teeth in shape first and then find some alternatives once I'm happy.

I starting loving home decor a few months back and am about to embark on a project for my wall. This LP is a bit of a clue to what that is. This is my first ever vinyl, I get so happy whenever I look at it.  I adore Gladys Knight (and the Pips!) and this LP has all my favourite songs on it. I know, I know, I'm the d-bag that is buying records without a record player but one day.. I promise I will get one. That would be awesome!

Honesty is the best policy. I was wretched for 2 whole days because I semi-tried to get away with something, hoping my boss wouldn't ever find out. I was so shaken that I knew I had to confess my albeit small, crime. He's not always the nicest person in the world so I thought it might be okay to do it once, but I know now I can't. I have always valued honesty, even if brutal, so it was really out of character for me to do something like that. I won't ever again! (And he didn't even give that much of a s@# in the end..)

Hope you have had a lovely week! I'm going to plan some more blog posts, I think that's the best way to keep on top of things!

x mai-anne


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