Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Little Tour of Balance Me | 'Beautiful Skin Collection'

Is this too many photos? I went a bit wild with the snapping since I was so happy with the lighting for once! 

This was a gorgeous little Christmas set I bought in the Boxing Day sales off Lookfantastic and I wish I bought the other set as well. These are really generous samples (especially when compared to the full size products) so I feel like I've been able to give a real go of these products and have an educated opinion on what I would actually go out and buy the full size.

Super Moisturising Body Wash
The first thing I noticed about a lot of these products were the scents. They all smelled a bit too tree-ish/herbally and this one is the most obvious. Some people may really take to the scent but I can't say I'm a fan. This body wash was nice but nothing special. It lathered okay, it left my skin feeling nourished and didn't attract any eczema flare ups. It was a bit too squeaky clean though so I'll finish it up and leave it at that.

Super Moisturising Hand Cream
This is definitely the star of the pack and one of the main reasons I wanted to pick this set up. At first I was slightly put off by the herbalish smell (seriously, I am dog-awful at scents. I would barely be able to tell you what I'm eating while I'm eating it) but honestly, after the second try I never thought about it again. I LOVE this hand cream. Like totally (heh heh). I didn't think a hand cream could wow me but alas I will eat my words and I think when the sad day comes that I finish this little 30ml tube, I'll be off to spend a scary £14.50 on a hand cream. Definitely a winter saviour.

Wonder Eye Cream
I really did wonder about this eye cream (sorry, couldn't help that) as I saw it pop up here and there on bloggers/vloggers I followed so I was curious. However it is not really what I'm looking for, the texture is just a bit too light for me and I feel the need to top it up with another eye cream. Might be good for those with non-desert skin like mine though. Kudos for such a big sample size, at 7mL that is almost half of its full size.

Radiance Face Oil
I quite liked this oil, it's definitely very hydrating, has a similar smell to the others but less strong and  is what I expect from a good oil. But that is actually where it falls short, at £30 for a full size, it should be exceeding my expectations as I don't see that it does much more than my beloved $12 argan oil. But it's also the sort of product that one should test out for a long time so I'll keep the door open for it..

So there you a go, a quick squizz through these products. The brand hasn't floored me but it's kept me hopeful and interested in its other products. Oh yeah, this brand is one of those good natural brands, with lovely ingredients, cruelty free and the material is made from 100% sustainable forests. Whoopee!

Do you have any recommendations for any of their other products? :)

x mai-anne


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