Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Some Opshop finds

I love going op shopping (that's charity shoping to UK folks and thrifting for the US!).  I'm not very good at it yet but I love it when something hits my eyes and it's something I don't usually get to see in regular shops. I went on Monday with a friend who is a vintage clothing hunter and designer, so she can spot authentic vintage pieces and inspect the quality of the make so I always feel safe making choices around her! 

  Here are my latest finds:

This fabric just caught my eye and I had to try it on. It's actually in a bomber jacket style, but oddly enough the bottom section is sewn all the way through so you put it on like a jumper.. another picture here to show that would've been nice hey.. but I love this and the fabric reminds me of the floral Zara jacket.

I love storage. I love boxes, drawers, containers.. yes, I live an exciting life, I know. I recently lost an ebay auction on a set of wooden drawers/box ($30 was just pushing it) but all is forgotten now that I have found this miniature cabinet for $2 *whoop whoop*.  The little floral trinket box was just too precious so I picket this up on an earlier opshop browse. Currently storing nothing, haha.

And look at this!
I am from the Babysitters' Club generation and damn proud of it! This is from the original edition which is the one I am more familiar with so it means even more. Some annoying tyke drew themselves on it but otherwise it looks like it is still in good condition! Not sure what the game is about but I dun care.. this is a keeper! And found at the dear price of $2, yes!

Have you found any cool finds at the opshop lately?

x mai-anne


  1. Nice finds, that cabinet is adorable! I love thrifting too :D

  2. thanks Caitie, i love how one man's trash is another man's treasure! :)


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