Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday Favourites #2

Damn, haven't posted all week. Still trying to figure blogging thing out! I think I'm going to take a leaf out of ViviannaDoesMakeup and plan my posts at the start of the week instead of just seeing what happens. How she manages her time is beyond me, she's really is born for this!

It's been a really interesting week this week, I've been so inspired and it's sparked my fire to work hard and just go for what I want. But first, onto the favourites!

Favourite Beauty Product
I'm going to give a shoutout to a well raved skincare item and it's the REN AHA Glycolactic Mask.  I bought the sampler pack for Normal Skin and have been really impressed with the range even though I generally have dry skin. This mask just leaves my skin looking so fresh and awake - I love it! I will be doing a comparison review at some point too so that's enough chatter about this one!

Favourite Song/Album

Slightly cheating here but last Saturday (after my first FF post) I sound engineered a live gig at where I work and got to watch guitar maestro Owen Van Larkins perform. My guitarist friend and I just freaked out watching him - he was amazing! My jaw literally hung open the whole time, whilst my buddy just shook his head the whole time in amazement. I've seen one other guitarist like him before who I thought was amazing but Owen did not just have his technique down, but his songs were gorgeous. Check him out! We're very proud that there is an Aussie addition to the CandyRat Records bunch!

Favourite Miscellaneous Find/Item
Had a small shopping trip with my mum today and while my mum was on shopping fire, I was my usual frugal self. (I just hate inflated Aussie pricing and refuse to pay it.) I picked up these two items, the earrings were $4.95 and remind me of the Marc Jacobs daiy, and this top was down to $5 in Myer (even though I paid $4 since my mum had $1 left on her voucher card *whoop*). While summer is almost over, this singlet was just too pretty (and inexpensive!).

Favourite Blog/YoutubeChannel

I'm sort of falling in love with Sara Bareilles again - love this girl! She's ridiculously funny and her songs just get me. I love this song and hope that I can speak to crowds so confidently and authentically like she does. All girls need to hear this song: "Beautiful Girl". We've all been there.

Memorable Moment/Lessons to be learned

Jeez, so many lessons this week. First one is to be your own be affirmation, don't put your hopes on others to help your own self-esteem. Two is, well not a lesson per se but that the fire in my belly has been lit again.  I've had a slow last few years but this year, my determination to succeed is back. Three is "no expectations". I definitely am a culprit to the crime of expecting/wanting a certain specific outcomes as opposed to just living in the moment.  I want to just step into.. and enjoy what comes.  This one might take awhile to sink into everything I do, but I hope to really open my mind and enjoy the ride instead to hoping it turns out a certain way.

How is your week been? I'm really enjoying these posts, and I like the idea of series - it also makes sure I keep posting! I love blogging but certainly don't have it down pat!

love, mai-anne


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