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Rage Review! Bdellium Tools 10 Piece Studio Line Kit

Can I start a blog post saying that this must be the most disappointing beauty purchase I've ever made?
Yeah? Okay, I will.

This is the most disappointing beauty purchase I've ever made!

Okay I'll settle down now and explain (coherently) why.

I bought this set from iherb (nothing against you iherb) for $58 which seemed like a big-ish price tag, but it was for 10 brushes and from a reputable brand.  I had previously bought the eye brushes from the Bambu mineral line which I loved (and will do a review soon), so I was excited to get this kit.  I had been eyeballing the bunny collection from Sigma for ages, but some (stupid) change of heart made me go for this one.  Out of the 10 brushes in the collection, only 2 are good, quality brushes. 


The only slight upside was that I was looking forward to these two the most, but still, that rages me!

They are these two..

.. the #957S Precision Cheek and the #955S Finishing Brushes.

These have the quality I was expecting, soft like butter bristles, strong and sturdy bodies and don't shed when I use or wash them.  I love these but they don't make up for the 8 other crap to mediocre brushes. The #957S is great for foundation, and has this really odd 'wet' sensation when you apply foundation which I like and find amusing.  The stippling brush doesn't beat the Real Techniques one but it performs well for a brush in this standard shape.

After the top 2, there are 4 brushes that were.. okay. Sigh.
They are the #964S AP Blusher, #945S Contour, #755S Smudger and the #769S Angled Contour.

The 964S is soft.. ish, and does the job.  The 945S I quite like, because it is soft and performs well but it sheds like balls. It's quite frustrating because I do like this one, but it sheds when washed and when it's being used. The 955S is standard, can you go wrong with a brush like this? It's not soft, but it's sturdy and does what it's asked, it just doesn't stand out like the top two.  The last brush is the 769S, which is a brush included in the bambu eye kit as well.  Not bad, but not the softest, and its bambu version is much softer.  All 4 of these are are prone to shedding as well.  

The last four are just plain crap. Just awful.
They are the #942S Slanted Contour, #781S Crease, #776S Blending and the #765S Small Angle Shader.  

These are awful for the same reasons.  They all do not have soft bristles, they are harsh and I feel like I'm scratching my face/eyes with them. The eye ones are worst because the eyes are such a delicate area that you feel the scratch even more.  I've even tried to condition them a few times now, they've got a bit better but not enough to really feel a difference and still remain scratchy when used.  

Here is a close up of the brushes, I was hoping to capture how dry and tough the bristles are so hopefully you can see what I'm talking about.

These 4 also shed when washed which is something I really hate.  Good brushes shouldn't shed, especially when you wash them for the first time. 8 brushes out of 10 are prone to shedding which really shows the poor make of these. 

On the whole, I'm very disappointed with this kit especially since I did pay $58 dollars for them.  Perhaps I got a dud kit, but if Bdellium Tools can put out dud kits then I would recommend you not to risk it, unless you would like to test them out for yourself. I really love their Bambu eye kit, and hearing that others like it too makes me think that it is either a superior line or there is more of a quality control with those brushes.  There isn't as much information about the Studio Line so I did take a bit of a gamble here, but hopefully it helps you if you're in the market for some brushes.  I do appreciate Bdellium Tools because they are an eco-friendly, cruelty free brand and I'm open to trying more from their Bambu brushes, but honestly, I'm staying far, far away from their Studio Line!

In case you're curious, this is the where I bought these. Link.

Have you tried any Bdellium Tools brushes? :)

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  1. Hi!
    I have read your review about this kit and now I'm wondering because I started to get infos about this kit 1 week ago and this is the first time I had found bad critics. Actually today is cyber monday in the US so I have to decide that which kit would be the best to me: Bdellium travel or Sigma Mr Bunny. Yeah, we are in same shoes :) The problem with Mr Bunny kit is there is no kabuki brush and more eyes brushes in it . What do you think, there is no reason to think of? Is Mr Bunny the winner? Waiting for your kind reply, Tulip


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