Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Everyday Mineral Blushes Review

(shotty camera skills again, my bay-ad!)

I bought a few Everyday Minerals blushes awhile back and now I'm a bit of a fan.  EM was the first mineral brand I ever tried and I'm super impressed with their products, ethos and I also like their cute packaging and branding.  

Two of these blushes were individually bought, 'All Smiles' and 'Nature's Sweet Side' (which was on special for $5 at the time) and the other two, 'Wild Vines' and 'Girl Friday', were from the 'Pink Lady' set, which isn't available anymore but the individual blushes are still up for sale. 

All Smiles is a peachy, orangey pink blush and is a firm favourite of mine.  I'm a bit obsessed with oranges, peachey-pinks and all other things tangerine coloured so I absolutely love this one.  The other three, I like, but to be honest, I can't tell the flippin' difference between them!  Maybe it is my skin, but the shades are minutely different when applied and I've never remembered which one was which.  Since they're so similar, I've given two of them away (to two different people!).

As it was my first foray into mineral makeup I was concerned that they would be hard to work with but it turns out that it pretty simple.  The 'big size' blushes are much easier to work with since they have a tab inside that you can slide so you can easily control how much product you get out. I usually open it a crack and then dunk a small amount of product onto the lid and swirl my brush around.  The smaller ones don't have the same contraption so it's just a matter of being careful with the pots. 

The colours are quite pigmented but not so pigmented that you get to clown level too easily.  If I'm feeling fancy, I take my Ecotools bronzer brush to pack the colours on and a larger powder blush (I like the Real Techniques one) and blend it out.  I would say the blushes aren't quite as easy to blend as traditional pressed powder blushes but you get used to it, and it's not that much harder anyway ;)

Here are heavy swatches, I really wanted to see if there was a significant difference.
Wild Vines, Nature's Sweet Side, Girl Friday, All Smiles

blended out

So as you can see, blended out, the first three blushes are really similar, you definitely don't need all three!  Though similar, the colours are really pretty, soft pinks with a matte finish.  Wild Vines is meant to be have a 'sheen' finish, which I agree when swatched heavily, but when blended it's sheen isn't that noticeable.

These Everyday Mineral blushes are lovely quality, and I love that when I wear them I'm not loading my face with chemicals.  

You can buy straight from their website here, or on iherb as well (do I mention iherb on every post?!).

What do you think of Everyday Minerals? Have you tried much in the way of mineral makeup?

x mai-anne


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